25 Pack - Equestrian Helmet Medical Information Carriers

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25 Pack - Equestrian Helmet Medical Information Carriers

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A 25-pack of Medical Information Carriers for your equestrian helmet - perfect for sharing with your club, group or fellow riders. Each of the 25 packs contains installation instructions, an information sheet, and a plastic carrier with adhesive tape for the outside of your helmet.


The equestrian helmet Medical Information Carrier System was developed to meet the needs of all equestrian activity enthusiasts utilizing protective headgear. The carrier is located universally on the left rear of the helmet. It is protected, yet quite visible, and readily available. Directions on the carrier inform non-medical bystanders NOT to remove the helmet! Inside the carrier is the location of the medical data form. Use a PENCIL to print info on the medical data form. This completed form is waterproof and difficult to tear, ideal for high energy activities. We are including a pencil in the kit to fill out the information. We ship via USPS in the US only. Please contact us to ship internationally and all bulk orders. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us for a full refund.